Adloniant y Nos Aberystwyth Steampunk Spectacular

Amgueddfa Ceredigion

Bydd y adloniant y nos yn ddechrau 7:00yp a gorffen 11:00yp, yn y lleoliad enwog a brydferth yr Amgueddfa Ceredigion.

Mae coctelau gin a gwrw ardderchog Cymraeg ar werth trwy yr adloniant y nos.


Dychwelwch i'r tudalen hon am ddiweddariadau.

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The Hornettes

The Hornettes

Celebrate the sounds of the swinging 60s and 70s with The Hornettes whose recent appearances include a sold out performance at Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

Join them and Ric Lloyd on keyboard for a night full of fun, song, sequins, comedy, beehive wigs and dancing to hit after hit from the Motown era, 60s Girl groups and beyond.

With a repertoire of songs from the Supremes, The Four Tops, Lulu, The Shirelles, The Ronettes and more, The Hornettes will have you on your feet in no time. See them at the inaugural Aberystwyth Steampunk Spectacular for what promises to be a spectacular performance.

'Get Ready' to sing and 'Shout' and 'Let's Dance' the night away!

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Captain of The Lost Waves

Captain of The Lost Waves

Like imagining Charlie Chaplin with the voices of Freddie Mercury and Klaus Nomi, singing songs written by Irving Berlin
-- Glastonbury Arts/Fringe Festival

The Captain is not just the figurehead of his musical vessel: he’s ringmaster; bard; troubadour; master of ceremonies and sage. With one leg in early 20th Century vaudeville and the other in tomorrow’s social commentary (yes, he has very long legs!), there’s far more to him and his absurdly engaging world than any of your ten-a-penny musical stars. Seen through showers of glitter, kaleidoscopic lens flares and in the rainbows in a million puddles, the Captain of the Lost Waves tells stories to connect with everyone past, present and future.

With almost a quarter of a century entertaining people through his storytelling, The Captain is the kind of ebullient troubadour you might imagine flitted from village to village in centuries past. Indeed, with no concrete details as to his Earthly origins (beyond some vagaries about Yorkshire) what can be said is that he has travelled extensively, taking his show to audiences who are transported aboard his mystical voyages as he variously inhabits the personae of Scaramouche, The Pied Piper and all the good captains rolled into one (Hook, Pugwash and Beaky for starters).

Synthesis sees the Captain looking both fore and aft, comprising four classic singles (including crowd favourite Mr Many Men) and four brand new tracks, the perfect opportunity to hop aboard for the first time or to take stock and prepare to set sail once more. The video to the new first track to be released from this new set is Uniforms, whose video is set to appear on 12th November 2018.

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Showtime Singers

Showtime Singers

The Showtime Singers are one of Aberystwyth's oldest amateur dramatics societies. Showtime Singers was formed when Aberystwyth music teacher Hazel Holt decided that the choir she was leading in the 1980s was capable of putting on a musical theatre production. She was so committed to the idea that in 1984 she funded the first show herself and Showtime Singers was born!

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80s and 90s Music at Aberystwyth Steampunk Spectacular

80s and 90s dance music

Tocynnau - Adloniant y Nos

Sadwrn 12eg Hydref 2019

Gallwch casglu eich tocynnau i'r adloniant y nos yn y mynedfa Hen Golen ar 12eg Hydref 2019.